BlackOak is so much more than just a building company – yes we do undertake building work but our skill set is so much more diverse and comprehensive. Having developed a number of properties over the years we have been through the struggles that are faced. This has allowed us to build up an amazing network of people that we are now proud to call our team. We can offer help with all or some of the following;

Sourcing, negotiating & overseeing a purchase

We fully understand how much hard work and frustration can be caused by trying to find the perfect place. It makes sense to get assistance. Through learned experience and having a trusted network of experts who specialise in this field, we can help. Creating the perfect property can shift a seemingly insurmountable problem into a hidden gem when viewed through the eyes of a seasoned professional

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Design and planning

Going through the design and planning process can be exhausting and unfulfilling to the untrained. We aim to have our applications ready to send in on the day a property exchanges. This can save a huge amount of time as often a council’s time frame is over 8 weeks. We do the majority in house but also utilise a whole host of professionals who are specialists in different areas. If we cannot help directly we generally know a man who can

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Creation / building

It is simply not possible to be an expert in every area so we have a trusted network of highly talented individuals and companies who are. Whatever happens in or around a building project we will have an expert for it. From ground workers to decorators, if you have a missing link in your chain feel free to get in touch to see how we can help


Interior design

The overall appearance and feel of a property is something that we care about. We understand and pride ourselves on understanding the nuances of colour an detailing in pursuit of the perfect home. We are always happy to help / advise wherever we can

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High street estate agents can vary hugely in what they offer in terms of value and service. We are always happy to share our experience about who’s who out on the high street. There are so many more factors than just picking the best agent to sell your property, such as presentation and getting everything prepared in order to make sure things go through as smoothly as possible

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Through time spent working very closely with the leisure and tourism industry we have a very good idea of what it takes to enable a holiday rental to work smoothly and most importantly earn money! Obviously it is largely down to build quality, materials selected for specific purpose and how everything is presented. (Many fail to see is no matter how good something is . . . . if no one knows about it then it will not be booked!). Whether you have a holiday let that needs a new lease of life or a plot of land where you are looking to create something magical, please feel free to get in touch to find out how we can help

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