Before and after…

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In 2012 we came across “The Barn”, a very tired 2 bed attached house in a stunning village location. Upon seeing the 14” wide elm floorboards and the breath taking view to the rear meant we fell in love with it instantly. A couple cheeky offers later we were standing on those very floorboards! After two years of working evenings and weekends the last screw was turned and window painted. It was at this time that we realised for us the magic was in the journey rather than the destination. Sold within weeks it exceeded everyone’s expectation of what a three bed house in that area could achieve.



Before and after…

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We searched tirelessly and unsuccessfully for many months to find another place like “The Barn”. We decided to stretch our boundaries of both distance and budget. The Toll House had been featured on “Escape to the Country”, yet because of the work that needed doing had remained unsold for 18 months. It was love at first sight (who doesn’t want a stream in their back garden?), and under the rough exterior laid a wealth of character and pleasant energy.

Having stretched our budget to the edge meant on 3 January 2015 work started with only £8,000 in the bank. Project managing over evenings and weekends whilst running a business full time – we completed the Toll house by 1 December 2015. A beautiful house, beautifully finished in a beautiful village meant it sold well above the ceiling price and exceeded everyone’s expectations.




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I set myself the target some time ago of ending up in my dream house, I know what it looks like and along the way I need to look at the homes I buy as a means to an end (stepping stones if you like).  This generally means that I sleep on beds covered in plaster dust and have no time to do much but work – but my vision remains strong and keeps me going when my body is saying “Can we just stop and live here for a bit – it’s really lovely, it’s a home now….”

Having taken some time out to reset, re-evaluate and refocus (also having had two house purchases fall through) it was becoming obvious that properties with the potential I wanted were becoming increasingly hard to find

The cottage was listed on the market, had a phenomenal amount of interest due to its desirability and then went to sealed bids after only two weeks. Being the under dogs in the bidding we were ecstatic when we won by an extremely small margin, this was due to thinking well outside the box and just a little bit of magic!

The cottage is not without issues and challenges but that just adds to the creative process and satisfaction that is to be gained – to see how we are progressing follow us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

The Cottage – Video